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Plumbing Courses at Able Skills

Did you know we had that many flexible options for gaining a City & Guilds accredited Plumbing Qualification? The Plumbing Courses provided at Able Skills range from those who are new to the industry and want to get a taste for what Plumbing is about, to more advanced courses like the City & Guilds Level 2 or the NVQ.

So let's have a look at the different Plumbing courses we offer and the different ways they're available

The Introduction To Plumbing Course

The Introduction is designed exactly for anyone who wants a taste for what they can realistically expect from a career in Plumbing. We'll take you on a 5 day journey (available both full time and on weekends) which ensures you gain some basic Plumbing skills and prepares you for a more in depth course which can get you working on site like the Level 2...

Here's what you can expect to learn on the Domestic Introduction To Plumbing Course:

  • Plumbing systems and fittings
  • Soldering techniques
  • Jointing, bending and pressure testing copper tube
  • Dealing with valves, taps, cisterns
  • Plumbing pipework

The Level 2 

This is your best bet for the best start to the industry. Ran on a full time basis, weekends and on home study basis , we offer flexible training that GIVES you the skills required to seriously start a career in plumbing. Ran over 6 weeks (full time), students will be trained on both theory and practical to give you that important qualification for getting started in work!

After gaining some experience in the real world such as on your typical work sites or even with a local firm , students we've spoke to always find private work on top of this and increase the amount of money they make by charging whatever they want!

The Level 2 NVQ 

Achieving your NVQ level 2 in Plumbing is something alot of work sites require you to hold should you wish to make a good career from working on site.

If this is something you're interested in, Able Skills can arrange for one of our assessors to visit you on site to assess your competence, give guidance on portfolio completion and help you on your way to achieving a Plumbing NVQ.

Please note that this isn't a training course for anyone reading this that is new to the trade. It is simply an assessment process which takes place wherever you are undertaking plumbing work.

There are two different routes to achieving your NVQ:

  • The experienced Plumber WITH qualifications
  • The experienced Plumber WITHOUT qualifications

The Experienced Worker without qualifications route will require you to:

  • plumbing courses

    Able Skills Plumbing Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

    Undertake study at home to prepare you for the online exams in centre

  • Undertake practical assessments in centre
  • To have work-based assessments completed

So what's the excuse for not finding the time to go for your new career? We hope we've opened your eyes to a whole 'nother way towards something where you'll be better off in terms of money and working in a role you actually enjoy.

All information on course availability can be found here.