Level 2 & 3 Electrician courses back on weekends!


Here at Able Skills over the last month, we have been preparing our centre for this new way of life. Making sure that we have a centre that is both safe and controlled. We are happy to announce that starting this weekend we will be bringing is some of our part-time groups for both our City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course and City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course...Slowly but surely getting everyone back on track and bringing in new aspiring electricians.


Electrician courses

Workstations are now separated in terms of being equipped with tools so that students are not using the same tools as one another.


Training of the weekend is a great opportunity for those who have an existing job and want to improve themselves and potentially switch careers. You will gain the exact same level of qualification taking a weekend course, the only difference is the length of time it takes to complete the course. All our weekend courses are on a 2-weekends a month basis.


Is the centre safe? Of course! The students this weekend will be experiencing a very different training centre, with smaller groups, separated workstations to ensure social distancing, PPE and overall a very clean centre, we are ensuring a safe space for students to work within, over this past weekend again we have had a deep clean throughout including coronavirus fogging which we will now be implementing on a regular basis.



Contact information:


Call us on 0808 100 3245 for further information about any of our electrical courses! Many thanks to all of the students bearing with the current situation we will work hard to get you back on track and to aspiring traders we hope to see you soon! You can also email us on [email protected] for more information about any of the training that we offer including Gas training courses, electrician courses, plumbing courses and the construction trades that will be returning from August 3rd.


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