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Look for quality, not price!

Based on the enquiries that we receive; it is becoming more apparent that many individuals do not completely understand the full training and assessment processes that are in place for those individuals who are looking to qualify as Gas Engineers.

It isn’t always the cheapest option that is the right option and we do encourage individuals to consider that quality processes are essential, particularly when you are dealing with gas.

Fast track training like the kind we offer can work but only if approached by the candidate with the right attitude and if the subject is given the respect that it deserves. The dangers that come with working with gas appliances is, for most, obvious but for some who are looking at a quick fix for a career change, sometimes the dangers are forgotten. Yes, there is money to be earned whilst working as a Gas Engineer but equally, let’s be sensible and understand that if you rush this process or cheat this process, someone could lose their life. Let’s try and avoid causing fires, explosions, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Making sure you receive the right training and gain the right qualification is so important, therefore it is advised you do your research before paying any money for a training course which is going to get you to a point where you can register with Gas Safe. Investigate which certificating body the training provider is with and consider visiting the training establishment to see exactly what the training involves and exactly what you will achieve by the end.

The route to becoming Gas Safe requires you to have extensive training, to prove competence working under supervision of a Gas Safe registered Engineer and finally undertaking assessment for ACS.

Training should be a certified programme of learning throughout which time you will undertake exams and assessments which then leads you on to the competence aspect; this is achieved in real working environments under guidance and supervision of Gas Safe registered Engineers. There are mandatory aspects of work and evidence that needs to be achieved before you can then be considered for ACS. This competence aspect is where your knowledge and nerves are very much put to the test – this aspect requires time and should be used to imbed your understanding. This is not a box ticking exercise, it is possibly the last chance you will get to work under supervision as once you achieve ACS, it is likely you will be out there on your own.

Able Skills use the well-established and industry known certification body BPEC to certificate our gas training and assessment and make sure our gas courses are run to the correct standard to be in line with industry regulations. BPEC certification has a reputation for quality and high standards and this is one of the main reasons that Able Skills uses them.

At Able Skills, we offer gas safety training, portfolio placement and the ACS assessments and re-assessments.

The lesson here is to ensure that those of you looking to access this industry, do it in the right manner and under a recognised certification scheme. If you get this wrong or you are certificated by a centre who isn’t following the right processes, you could find yourself with certification being revoked – this is something that has happened recently leaving several ‘engineers’ having to go through the whole process again… and pay again, proving that the cheapest wasn’t the better option.

We encourage anyone looking to do their gas training to come and see exactly what we do here at Able Skills before booking any courses. No appointment is needed, just pop down and we will be more than happy to show you around. Also, you can contact us today on 01322 280202 for more information.

Look for the quality in gas training before you look at the price of training. Look for the quality in gas training before you look at the price of training.

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