Looking for an introductory plumbing course?


Are you looking for an entry point into the trade of plumbing? You're in luck, here at Able Skills we have an Introduction to Plumbing course that is suitable for complete novices...The course has been recognised by City & Guilds as a comprehensive introduction to domestic plumbing. There is no better place to get a taste of the trade, our instructors have years of experience both teaching the subject and working out in the industry as plumbers. Our facilities are of high quality and we have been providing training now for over 10+ years!


plumbing courses

Able Skills Plumbing Courses


Plumbing is a great trade to get into, there are so many different opportunities when you have this skill under your belt. One of the main opportunities that people look to achieve in this trade is self-employment. Sounds good, doesn't it? Self-employment is a great way to take control of your time money and life.


What does the course involve?


The course is a total of 5-days...During which you will learn the fundamentals of the trade  - The course is entirely hands-on and is ideal for anyone looking to learn basic domestic plumbing but additionally can act as a great taster course for anyone who is considering Plumbing qualifications and a career as a Plumber. You will learn the following topics: 


  • Plumbing systems and fittings
  • Soldering techniques
  • Jointing, bending and pressure testing copper tube
  • Dealing with valves, taps, cisterns
  • Plumbing pipework

The course will cover all of the obvious issues that can arise within a domestic property in an attempt to teach you how to deal with certain things but more importantly, will provide guidance on when/if you really do need to call out a Plumber.

Want some more information:


If you are looking for some more information about any of the plumbing courses that we offer, then get into contact with us. You can contact us in a few ways including calling 0808-100-3245. Alternatively, you can come into our office, we have an open policy meaning we encourage candidates to simply show up at our office, we will answer any questions you have regarding plumbing courses or any other training, show you around and advice you on the best way to achieve your personal goals!

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plumbing courses

Able Skills is a City & Guilds accredited training centre!