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Low Carbon Electricity and Heating Install Scheme Launched.

Promising a great boost for the domestic electrician industry and all those, either currently training to be an electrician or thinking of a career change, a second low carbon heating generation scheme to be introduced in April 2011 was today announced by Government Energy and climate change secretary, Ed Miliband.At the same time the feed-in tariffs(FITs) levels have been published for an earlier announced scheme, whereby households and communities who install generating technologies, such as small wind turbines and solar panels, will from April be entitled to claim payments for the low carbon electricity they produce.From 1 April, householders and communities who install low carbon electricity technology such as solar photovoltaic (pv) panels and wind turbines up to 5 megawatts will be paid for the electricity they generate, even if they use it themselves. The level of payment depends on the technology and is linked to inflation.They will get a further payment for any electricity they feed into the grid. These payments will be in addition to benefiting from reduced bills as they reduce the need to buy electricity. A typical 2.5kW well sited solar pv installation could offer a homeowner a reward of up to ?