What to take away from last week's Gas Safety awareness effort:


Let's take a look at some of the key messages we hope that people will take away from last weeks annual Gas Safety Week! Here at Able Skills we take Gas safety quite seriously and aim to teach our students the fundamentals no matter what trade they are looking to become qualified in, whether that be Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Decorating, Tiling, Plastering, Bricklaying or Carpentry.

However, Gas Safety is one of the most important - the implications of not being safe could be catastrophic, fatal carbon monoxide poisoning or even an explosion caused by a gas leak! To become a Gas Engineer you need top-quality training, here at our centre we have the facilities and instructors that can help you reach your goals, our facilities are up-to-date with the latest equipment and appliances, as well as old appliances so that you are prepared for any system you come across working out on-site. Our instructors are experts on the subject and have years of experience both teaching here but also working as Gas Engineers out in the industry!


Gas Courses

Gas Training Courses at Able Skills


Things to keep in mind as a gas installer:


Let's take a look at some things that gas engineers and homeowners should take into consideration, gas safety is sometimes overlooked. It's better to be safe than sorry! One thing to keep in mind first off is the gas emergency helpline which should be passed on by engineers as it could be a saviour for some people, it is free of charge, if you smell gas or suspect a problem do not hesitate to call: 0800 111 999!

Promote Regular Servicing: 


As a gas engineer, you should be promoting to customers the advantages of regular servicing. Regular service of all gas appliances is essential to ensure that they continue to work correctly, safely and efficiently! Annual service is a great recommendation, this may be mandatory for some landlords but is a great thing for general households to carry out to stay safe and for peace of mind.


Promote Carbon Monoxide Detectors: 


Homeowners should be made aware of the benefits of having a detector in their home! This cheap and small device could be the difference between staying safe and being exposed to lethal monoxide poisoning. Choose an audible detection device that complies with British Standard EN 50291 and make sure to test it - most devices will have a test button on then that when pressed will release an alarm.


Show you are registered: 


It has come to light that some homeowners are hesitant to ask for identification from their engineer/gas installer so to put customers at ease be upfront with your legitimacy. Provide them with your Gas Safe Registered card! All Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe ID card. Don’t ever be afraid to ask to see it when they arrive at your property to carry out gas work – and remember to check the front and back of the card. You can type in their unique ID number into www.gassaferegister.co.uk - to check the ID's legitimacy.


Seeking Gas Training?


Looking to become a Gas Safe Engineer but you have no experience in the trade? You are in the right place, here at Able Skills we cater for new entrants and provide a formulated learning path that aims to take you from novice to expert! We recommend starting with our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 as it includes a 7-week training programme, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment - which is a vital step when looking to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer!


Qualified Plumber Seeking Gas Training?


We have devised specialist courses for those of you that are already working as a plumber and looking to add Gas to your arsenal. Our Qualified Plumber Gas Training Packages are an ideal way for plumbers to become involved with gas and can even be taken on the weekend so you can carry on plumbing in the week and train gas on the weekend!

Want some more information?


If you are considering giving Gas courses a go then, firstly take a look through our website at the many Gas courses that we have on offer. Then if you need some more details or you are ready to enrol you can progress online or give us a call on 08081003245. Alternatively, you can come straight down to our office, we have an open policy which means that we are happy to welcome candidates into our facility for a chat, answer questions about Gas courses and discuss your options in terms of Gas courses or any other training you are interested in, we will also show you around so you can get a feel for the environment that you will be learning in!

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