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Mini FatMax tape keychain ideal for carpenters on the move

Ideal for tradesmen and apprentices working across the carpentry and electrical sectors, the new pocket-sized Mini FatMax tape keychain works a treat for those on the move.

Despite its small size, which allows it to be slipped easily into any pocket or tool kit, or indeed worn on a belt, the Mini FatMax tape keychain contains two metres of tape measure.

As well as being extremely compact, the tape measure is clear, easy to use and durable, making it the perfect tool for jobs of all shapes and sizes – including those ones that involve working in small spaces such as carrying out electrical work inside or beneath cupboards.

Another tool which works well for small jobs is the new Mini Chalk Line, another of the four new additions to Stanley's selection of measuring and layout tools. The chalk line is less than half the size of standard chalk reels but still offers 9 metres of precision line, 28g capacity and 50 lines per refill.

The equipment manufacturer has also released two new cross line laser models, both of which include numerous attachment points for use with a number of different surfaces in both residential and commercial buildings.

As both models come with pendulum mounted self-levelling laser technology, they are able to self-correct, which means that the need for spirit level is removed, making this tool great for use by tradesmen and apprentices looking to simplify their tool kits.