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Modern Apprentice of the Year Award open for entries in Scotland

Young apprentices across Glasgow are being encouraged to enter into a new competition designed to find an outstanding young apprentice.

The Modern Apprentice of the Year Award - which is run by the Trades House of Glasgow – seeks to find the very best young worker, in terms of commitment, enthusiasm and all-round hard work. The competition is open to those employed in Greater Glasgow, and they can either be working toward a Scottish MA or have qualified from their apprenticeship no earlier than May of this year.

Deacon convener of the Trades of Glasgow, Hamish Brodie, told Herald Scotland: "Today, the Apprentice of the Year Award showcases the commitment and capability of candidates who have chosen the MA route to further their career prospects and we have been greatly encouraged by the high calibre of entries since it was established in 2006.

"It has helped highlight the vocational and personal benefits that apprenticeships provide in training and development,” he added.

Each of the candidates will be ranked in terms of capability, commitment, overcoming difficulties, overall contribution and marketing and transferability. The overall quality of the application will also be taken into consideration when selecting a winner. Entries must be submitted before the deadline of 14 February 2014 and the overall winner will then be chosen from six finalists.

The history to the modern apprenticeship in Glasgow goes back to the medieval times, when the apprenticeship system was set up in the city. It has since been maintained by the 14 historic craft guilds, which merged to form the Trades House of Glasgow in 1605, the publication confirmed.