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More Cases Of Gas Leaks And Do You Know The Gas Emergency Number?

More Cases Of Gas Leaks And Do You Know The Gas Emergency Number?

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This week has brought us yet another case of gas leaks that lead to workers being injured and two companies being fined after a gas main ignited whilst being repaired. With the campaigns put forward by Gas Safe remain consistent, warning about just how serious gas leaks are, it still amazes us as to the amount of cases that are coming out.

The initial case was heard just over 2 years ago now when employees from one company were called to the scene of a damaged medium pressure polyethylene gas main. It was here when it ignited leaving one worker with severe burns, and the other with bruises and cuts.

Following such gas leak, the Health and Safety Executive found it right to conduct an investigation which found that the given company had not followed safe digging techniques when evacuating around the pipeline which ultimately caused the gas main to be damaged by a mechanical excavator. It's said that the company involved didn't follow their own procedures or recognise safe systems of work when repairing the main.

With severe consequences on the line for cutting corners with gas, company one was fined a whopping £1.2m and ordered to pay £18,975.43 in costs, whilst company two was fined £60,000 and ordered to pay £12,689.13 in costs. The penalties handed should be enough incentive for those who work within gas to not take any risks, but what should be the main factor?... The health and safety of the public should be at the company's best interests when working within gas, not the potential penalties.

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The Health and Safety Executive had strong words to share on the matter:

This incident, in which a worker could have easily been killed, could have been avoided if safe excavation by Cliffe Contractors had been carried out and safe mains repair policies had been followed by SGN. Both companies were aware of the precautions that were required to be taken.

Companies should be aware that HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards

It's cases like these that lead to the introduction of Gas Safe's helpline in the first place. Should you ever have an emergency, 0800 111 999 is the number you need to callNow be honest with us, how many of you actually knew the number? It's cases like these that make you realise just how important Gas Safe awareness is. Do yourself and those around you a favour and share the number now!