More from our students taking on AM2 Electrician courses!


Here at Able Skills our entire range of Electrician courses has been back since the end of August. One course that most aspiring electricians will look to complete with us in their AM2 - The purpose of the AM2 is to ensure that you have understood your training and that you are ready to begin working out in the industry. Making sure all qualified electricians achieve a single standard that has been agreed by the employers in the industry as meeting their needs from qualified personnel. At our centre we have a dedicated AM2 centre to allow students to complete their test away from the business of the rest of our training centre.


Electrician courses

More from our students taking on AM2 Electrician courses!




"Very good delivery from Neal, he went through nearly every step of the assessment and has made things a lot clearer for me personally. I have progressed a lot, very much so, right from the start before awareness day I wasn't confident in some area of the assessment, I now feel a lot more confident." - H Tyler


"I heard about Able Skills from some friends of mine and took up their recommendation. Very good, the instructor was clear, presentable, professional and simplified the things that I was having problems with. I have achieved a lot during my time on this course and feel much better for it. - S Yamin 


"Helpful, more so then I thought wouldn't want the exam without it. Thanks to Neal who has been a great instructor over my time on this course. I have progressed massively, thanks all!" - A Lyons 


"Delivered professionally and to a high standard. The instructor simplified everything and made it easier to understand the more difficult aspects of the course. I feel I am more aware and definitely prepared for the examination." - W Tanner


"I found the training centre online and the course was very, very helpful. The delivery from the instructor was fast and effective. I have improved over the course massively. All points were met and anything needed was highlighted points to improve upon. Great teaching and great environment to learn." - J Mccourt 


"I found the training centre online and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The staff were helpful and friendly whilst trying to book the course and the instructor of the course itself was extremely knowledgeable and seemed  happy to be teaching us which was encouraging. I would for sure recommend them to anyone else looking to achieve an AM2 or any qualifications really." - J Hopkins


"The course was good. I made good progress. At the start I was worried but the instructor made everything seem simple and provided the information in a good manner. Good staff, good experience . I'm really happy I decided on this centre as I've not had the best in the past with similar companies." - L Rockson 



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For more information about our range of Electrician courses or for the AM2 process itself give us a call on 0808 100 3245 - We are happy to help in any way that we can, whether you are looking to gather more information, ask questions or seek advice we can help. You can also visit us in person, we have an open policy, meaning you are welcome to visit us unannounced, just come in and talk to a member of staff and even take a guided look around the centre. Our office is open 7-days as week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 


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Electrician courses