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Mykal launches new paint stripping product to help busy tradesmen

Mykal Industries Ltd, the developer of high tech, 'user friendly' chemicals for the DIY, grocery and private label sectors, has announced the release of two new products aimed at helping to make the life of a tradesman easier.

Focusing on environmental technology and associated products, the firm manufactures safer solutions in liquids, gels, wipes and aerosols, as well as stain removers designed to be used on delicate materials. One of the new products just released is De-Solv-It Great Strip, a new and improved, unique gel formulation paint stripper that works on the majority of types of paint and varnish.

It is easy to use – liberally brush the Great Strip gel onto the painted or varnished surface which is to be stripped and leave it to do its work. The Great Strip gel is suitable for use on both interior and exterior painted or varnished products, as it is capable of removing gloss, emulsion, varnish and textured paint from wood, plaster and metal.

The 400ml tub will be able to strip paint or varnish from a surface measuring up to 1sq m, while the 1 litre tub will be able to do so for a surface measuring up to 2sq m.

Once the dirty work has been carried out, tradesmen and the apprentices will want to clean up – Mykal’s new De-Solv-It Multi Task Wipes are ideal for cleaning up wet paint and for removing spills and splashes from hands and tools. They are able to work on the majority of surfaces, so suitable for tilers, decorators and many other tradesmen too.

The heavy duty wipe material has been dermatologically-tested to ensure that it is gentle enough to use on hands or skin, and contains no white spirits or other harmful solvents.

The wipes have been impregnated with a high-tech cleaning solution containing antibacterial properties. The wipes can be used to remove wet paints, adhesives, varnishes, scuff marks and grease a range of materials and surfaces.

The De-Solv-It Multi Task Wipes are effective on both solvent and water-based paints and are available in a re-sealable tub of either 100 or 300 wipes.