new food vanToday has seen a new permanent food van here at Able Skills that will be able to provide our students with a range of food for both breakfast and lunch breaks.

Being situated in Dartford, some of our students may not know where the nearest food places are. So, we have decided to have a food van here that will be able to offer a range of different foods such as bacon rolls, sandwiches and even jacket potatoes to students on our courses.

This will allow our students to get some fantastic food of high quality right here at our centre for both their morning break and their lunch break. All the food is freshly prepared and ready to go.

Straight away from the morning break we saw it being hugely popular among our new and older students as they tucked into the new food on offer.

Here at Able Skills we have over 100 students at our centre every week on a range of construction and technical trade courses. With the courses being more popular than ever we decided to get a food van to offer great food to our students across our whole centre.

You can expect good courses and good food from Able Skills!