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New Bullet screws could revolutionise carpentry work

New 'bullet' screws that drive through the toughest timber like a knife through butter could revolutionise building work.

The super-strength wood screws are made from heated steel and are designed to pierce thick wood with the speed and accuracy of a bullet.

The increasing popularity of high-speed screwdrivers has put extra strain on traditional wood screws which can shear off during work. Bullet screws are zinc and yellow passivated to increase their lifespan and have a thicker shank to increase their strength and reduce the risk of bending.

Bullet screws come with their own driver bit which has also been designed to reduce the risk of snapping by absorbing the pressure of impact drivers. The screws are finished with an exceptionally sharp point reducing the need to create a pilot hole and are wax coated to further speed up drilling.

Users are able to use screwdrivers at speed whilst retaining a smooth action thanks to the pitch of the threads combined with the single thread corkscrew design. Small ridges of the underneath of the screw-head also create their own countersunk recess for the head.

In addition to the innovative design features the Bullet uses a Pozi Square Drive (PSD) system which works to reduce driver bits slipping and minimises the risk of rounding-off heads.

Each box of Bullets is supplied with a free driver bit which boasts ridges on its inside edges to keep the screw firm on its tip without using magnetic holders. Such well-tailored design means that screws can be driven in snugly without the risk of them slipping out of position.

Bullets are currently available to purchase and come in a series of price brackets, users can also make use of the 'build and buy' system and load up their 'Ammo' case with their Bullets of choice.