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New Year, New Career!

It is here, 2016 is now here and now is the best time to kick start your year with a new career!

A recent poll found that 80% of people in their 20’s want to change their career already. Whatever age you are, it is never too late to change your career. The start of the year is said to be one of the busiest times for career changes and people are changing all over the UK at this current time.

People up and down the country are currently taking part in training courses, college courses and many more to begin their new and exciting career venture. A new year signals a fresh start for many people and what is more of a fresh start than a new career.

Nothing is better than leaving an office job and entering the construction world. The more active lifestyle and hands on skills will provide anyone with a great new career path. The opportunities are endless and the shortage of skilled workers within the industry right now means that availability for work is always open  and for a fantastic wage.

Housing developments in the UK are increasing all the time and the demand for more skilled workers is very high, there is a great chance to get regular work in the construction industry. Some housing developments are even being left unfinished due to the lack of skilled and qualified workers. That now makes this the best time to get trained up in one of the many trades.

Derek has travelled all the way from Australia to train as a Carpenter, he used to be a chef! Derek has travelled all the way from Australia to train as a Carpenter, he used to be a chef!

Here at Able Skills we pride ourselves on providing first class training to every single student. When starting a new career people are willing to learn as much as possible to give them the best start, this is why every instructor at Able Skills works extremely hard to plan and carry out perfect courses.

Make a positive change in your life this year by coming down to Able Skills and taking the first steps to a new career. For more information on all our courses please contact us on: 01322 280202