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Tom's new career as a Tiler

The thought of a new career can frighten a lot of people and the thought of having to retrain can be quite daunting. However, lots of people have made life changing choices by changing their career and they are a lot happier because of it.

Tom was a bit worried that he was told old to change his career completely and he felt that learning a new skill would be too hard. After working as an Accountant for nearly 15 years he decided he didn't want to spend the rest of his life sitting at a disk and working for someone else.

Tom has completed some fantastic work on the road to his new career. Tom has completed some fantastic work on the road to his new career.

He took a lot of thought and consideration into what his next career path would be and after seeing the opportunities in the construction industry Tom started to look into it. Tom eventually decided tiling would be the trade that suited him the most and a few months later he was at Able Skills for the beginning of his new course.

With the help of our two fantastic tiling instructors, Terry and Max, he was able to get the hang of it quite quickly and got some valuable tips of the trade from both of them. The worries about retraining were gone and he was loving his training course and was excited to try out his new skills in the real world.

Tom is very excited for his new career as a tiler. Tom is very excited for his new career as a tiler.

Tom has now completed his City & Guilds Tiling course and he has already completed some small tiling jobs at the weekends whilst he was still training. With his new business set up and ready to go he couldn't be happier to get going with his new career. Tom had this to say about his time at Able Skills:

"I cannot speak highly enough of everyone at Able Skills, from John showing me around the centre and explaining the course in real depth, to my two fantastic instructors, Terry and Max. My worries were gone after the first few days when I was beginning to learn an unbelievable amount. I am now looking to begin my new career and I have Able Skills to thank. I plan to be back at some point in 2017 for some more skills in other trades"

Newly qualified Tiler, Tom made the change in his life to start a new career and it is something he hasn't looked back from since starting his course. He wants more people to know that taking a new step in your career can be extremely positive.

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