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New chemicals developed to protect UK's central heating systems

A new range of premium chemicals aimed at the central heating sector have been launched by ADEY Professional Heating Solutions.

The industry formula range from the magnetic filtration innovators are designed to offer the vast majority of the UK’s central heating systems, as well as installers and boiler manufacturers, higher levels of boiler protection.

The new chemicals, called MC1+ and MC3+, are said to be the most effective central heating system inhibitors and cleaners currently available, offering stronger, single dose protection and cleaning abilities. They are said to offer far more effective corrosion control on all metals tested, including aluminium.

The new releases are designed to be used alongside the MagnaClean filters, which help to boost the maintenance and protection for central heating systems.

The chemicals are also safe for the environment, fully biodegradable and non-toxic, as well as meeting the Benchmark scheme requirements, the industry’s code of practice for the installation and servicing of central heating systems in accordance with Building Regulations.

According to Chris Adey, company founder and inventor of the MagnaClean filter, the release of the new chemicals represents an “important development” for the heating sector.

ADEY managing director, Kelvin Stevens, says: “It’s another incredibly exciting development for ADEY. The chemicals are the product of extensive industry knowledge, research and testing and offer something new for the professional installer and the industry as a whole.”

ADEY’s new chemicals are available from major suppliers across the country.