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New concrete sealing product released by Foundation Armor

Concrete sealer manufacturer Foundation Armor has released their new range of concrete waterproofing sealers and concrete coatings, aimed at both homeowners and the professional contractor.

The manufacturer also produces concrete hardeners and densifiers, polyaspartic coatings, acrylic sealers and concrete repair products. Amongst its new range is a selection of penetrating waterproofers, including densifiers such as the Armor S1000, Armor S2000 and Armor L3000, all of which spark a chemical reaction with concrete to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) within the pores.

These sealers lower the ability of water and moisture to penetrate the concrete, and the penetration will become even less with each coat of sealer that is applied to the area.

Impregnating sealers, such as the Armor SX5000, spark a chemical reaction with the concrete to form a hardened material within the pores, filling in the entire space.

The barrier will grow in width every time each coat of the sealer is applied. The Armor SX5000 is especially suitable for can porous materials including slate, stone, stucco, tile, as well as concrete. Both the impregnating and the densifier sealers can be used on both interior and exterior concrete.

The firm has also released new acrylic sealers, which bring many benefits to the user, as they will coat the concrete’s surface, bringing a protective barrier to the material.

These sealers are also capable of changing the look of the concrete by adding either a satin sheen with the Armor AR350 sealer, or a high-gloss sheen with the Armor AR500 sealer.

Other products in the new range are the Concrete Cure and Sealers, such as the Armor Concrete Cure and Seal, which are designed to help freshly poured concrete cure quickly and easily. It also improves the look of the concrete as it leaves a clear gloss coat. These types of sealers are only suitable for use on exterior concrete surfaces.