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New Entrants Gas Training Package - Student Journey

gas training


gas safeFrom training to work in abundance


Steve Sanchez is one the many students who enrolled onto the New Entrants Gas Training Package 3. We recently explained that this is the route you guys can take in order to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

After Steve decided this was the right career for him, he completed his seven weeks training and his work portfolio, both before completing his ACS.

What was your favourite part of the course?


As we saw Steve return to Able Skills this week, he informed us that he is doing the Boiler Fault Finding Course. The reason for this was as he explained,

''Without this course I wouldn't be able to repair Boilers in the real world. I always have work on and I see the need for this all the time and that's why I'm doing it. The knowledge I'm being shown is incredible and I'm glad it's included in the package''


Sounds like it was a great learning experience, but why did you choose to work within Gas in the first place?


Well I saw it as a very good opportunity as there's always constant work out there for me which means alot of money. We all want to make a very good living doing what we like and I can honestly say it was the hands on aspect that really drew me in.

gas trainingSo what were you doing before?


I used to be a revenue officer for a parcel company. I knew it wasn't for me when I realised the trade industry was booming as much as it was so I decided to finally get my training out the way and look for a company to take me on.

So overall, how would you rate it the entire course?


Very good. I literally had no previous experience within Gas but I still managed to land a solid job with a good firm. They teach at a very good pace for everyone to understand and they make sure they chuck in some questions to keep you on your toes.

Thank you for the great feedback! What are you plans next?


Well I'm certainly going to apply my Boiler Fault Finding skills to my job now. In addition to that, I'm looking to offer private work now I have the experience and knowledge under my belt. There's loads of work going so why not!

Good stuff Steve! Thank you again for the excellent review and we wish you all the best for the future!

If you would like to check out the route Steve took with his Gas Training, please click here to find out.