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A New Investigation Exposes Illegal Gas Work!

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YES, illegal gas work really is as bad as you think!


gas safeThis summer saw a breakthrough in the battle for catching those carrying out illegal gas work as a UK's leading liquefied petroleum gas supplier has helped expose a company for an illegal gas cylinder filling.

Now when doing so, the potential dangers open to the public include gas leaks, fires and explosions which can all lead to fatalities. It was reasons such as this which lead to a company being found guilty of contempt of court for breaching a previous court order that contained undertakings prohibiting them from filling gas cylinders.

The public and other potential future clients are now at ease knowing the rogue company was fined £60,000. Some could argue that this is only a slap on the wrist as does £60,000 really equate to the loss of a life? But who can put a price on a loved one's life after all right?

Here's how they were caught!


At least we can be grateful the company was caught in the first place! Initially, several sources of intelligence reported about potential wrong doings which eventually lead to an investigation being carried out. Once underway, todays technology showed it's true worth as video surveillance repeatedly caught work involving illegal gas cyclinder fillings over in Leicester.

More precisely, the video evidence saw the company not weighing the cyclinders which is essential when gauging the safe and correct amount of propane gas that's needed. What really made matters worse was the previous High Court Order that meant the company are not legally allowed to carry out such work back in 2014.

Being told once is never enough for some people as the owner of the re-offending company was also handed a 6 month prison sentence as well as a 2 year suspension.

During sentencing, The Justice of The Peace (Stewart-Smith) said the company...

“…acted in contemptuous breach of the 2014 undertaking…These are serious contempts committed for financial gain.”

Lee Gannon, managing director of Flogas Britain, added:

“We will use all measures available to us to protect our customers – which includes taking appropriate action against any illegal cylinder filling operator which could compromise public safety. The action undertaken here also serves to demonstrate our clear commitment to our authorised dealers across the UK”.

Is it really worth it?


gas courseNow assuming those involved undertook all of the essential Gas Training, why would you want all your hard work and time on such Gas Courses to go to waste?

After all that self investment, the 'cowboys' truly shot themselves in the foot as their credibility goes down the drain.

Moral of the story? Honest hard work goes a long way! After all, the amount of money involved in such industry makes you question their initial motive!