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No CSCS Card, No Work!

If you are looking for work on-site in the construction industry you need the right qualifications and a CSCS card, without them you will find it extremely hard to work on-site in a trade that you know inside and out.

All construction sites are cracking down on employees that want to work without the official qualifications and identification. Due to some workers not having the correct training in certain areas meaning that some work isn’t completed to correct standards.

cscs card This is a big housing project in Dartford that clearly shows if you have No card you won't get any work.

As these rules are now being properly put into place many experienced workers are now left looking to gain CSCS card in their chosen trade to allow them to work on site. Some workers have been working within the industry for years but to be able to work, they now have to have the correct card and qualification to allow them on-site to work.

Some workers might be dreading the fact of having to retrain in a trade they could do with their eyes closed! This isn’t the case…

At Able Skills we have the Experienced Worker route. This allows workers with at least 5 years of proven experience (references, testimonials) to gain an NVQ qualification by a profiling session with our assessor. If the assessor is happy with the evidence you have given, you will then come in and have a timed assessment at our centre. This saves time for trade workers that have been in the industry for years. Having an NVQ qualification will give you the right to apply for a CSCS card that will allow you to work on site and not get caught without a job.

Another route they are able to take is the OSAT route. This also involves a profiling session with the assessor of your chosen trade and then you will have two on-site assessments at your workplace. This is for workers that have been working in a trade for less than 5 years.

We have these routes in trades such as Bricklaying, Carpentry, Tiling and others. So if you’re a Bricklayer or Carpenter don’t make the mistake of not gaining an NVQ qualification.

The huge skills shortage in this current time means that skilled worker’s wages are rocketing as they are in high demand for the increased construction work going on in the UK.

Save the embarrassment of turning up to a building site and being refused entry due not having a card and get your NVQ qualification now and begin working!

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