Not carried out Inspection & Testing since qualifying? You're in luck we have electrician courses specifically designed to get you up to speed:


Able Skills is known for delivering top-quality training in all types of trades, one of our most popular is electrical work - if you have not carried out inspection & testing recently and you need a refresher, then look no further. We have tailor-made Inspection and Testing courses that combine all of the elements of initial verification and periodic inspection and testing!

This City & Guilds qualification helps you to develop the knowledge and practical skills required to professionally install and carry out initial verification and periodic inspection and testing on electrical installations. The course is theory-based and will prepare you in every way to be successful in the online and written exam - ur instructors are experienced in teaching this subject and know how to convey the information clearly and effectively. They will do this a few diffrent ways like providing you with example questions, passing out handbooks and so on. This is the best way to learn the subject as you can ask any questions you need at any time our instructors are encyclopedias of knowledge due to working in the industry for years both out on-site and teaching electrical work.

What some of our students had to say about the course:


"The refresher days were so useful and I would highly recommend for gaining extra relevant experience, it also helped reduce nerves going into the assessment. Instructors knowledge and professionalism was very high."

- J. Burt

“This was a very good course, I learnt a lot of information that will benefit me when conducting my job on a day to day basis, Sat was a great instructor.”

- A. Johnson

“Tutor was very good, taught me very well and was helpful and provided help when I asked for it.”

- J. Wood 

"Satnam was a superb assessor, he was clear and concise. He showed me some good tricks that I will be applying when I begin to work in the industry. The reviews were great so that was a big factor in me picking Able Skills."

- M. Greene



Able Skills Inspection and Testing Courses at Able Skills.


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If you would like to get into contact with a member of staff to discuss your options in terms of Inspection and Testing courses - or any other training that we offer then you can call 0808-100-3245! Alternatively, we welcome people to come into our office any time during opening hours (8:30 - 16:30) we are open every single day from Monday to Sunday - we will show you around our facility, answer any questions you have and guide you on the best options and enrol in person. You can also enrol online or over the phone. To apply online simply select the course that you are looking at enrolling onto and click 'Reserve Your Space'.

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