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NVQ Bricklayer is now working on-site!

NVQ Bricklayers at Able Skills are given fantastic training by instructors Simon and Steve. The skills they leave Able Skills with are clear to be seen when Simon goes to see them during their on-site assessments.


One student who has done extremely well in the bricklaying industry is Marcin, he came to Able Skills with zero knowledge of bricklaying and has been taught perfectly by Simon. Marcin has now completed his bricklaying NVQ after a number of on-site assessments carried out by Simon.

Marcin had high praise for Simon's teaching methods and he was very happy to be taught the right way and to lay each brick properly.

Over the last few months Marcin has been dedicated and committed to achieving his NVQ and due to the help from Simon, he has finally achieved it and can now get a CSCS card and work properly as a Bricklayer.

Marcin is proof that our students really can go on to get a career in their chosen trade after their training. Our training at Able Skills starts our bricklaying students from the beginning all the way to becoming skilled in the trade.

The evidence can be seen very clearly by everyone as Marcin shows off his new skills while working out on-site. He has taken videos of himself working and you can really see how well Simon has taught him well.

Here is the YouTube video of Marcin completing various jobs on-site and he is doing very good quality work and it looks very good to see an Able Skills student being successful out in the industry.

He is now an NVQ Bricklayer and he is fully qualified to go out and work on any building site as a Bricklayer.

We are very happy to see how Marcin has progressed and changed his career over the last few months and we hope he has a very long and successful career as a Bricklayer.