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Oil Rig worker to join the plumbing industry!

Oil Rig worker is joining to plumbing industry after training with us at Able Skills.

Working on an oil rig can require a lot of commitment and a lot of time away from families and friends. Alastair is from Scotland and he has been working on an oil rig for over 10 years, however, he felt it was time for a change.

Being away for long periods from his family meant that working on an oil rig was making it hard for Alastair to have any normal family life. He began with thoughts of a new career and after some thorough research he decided that he wanted to become a Plumber and Gas Engineer.

However, finding somewhere to train that offered flexible training options in Scotland were hard to come by and when he found Able Skills in Dartford he thought it was worth the travel. With many different options on offer he could begin his training and not have to stop working.

Alastair needed to have a continued income for his family, so quitting his job to train was not an option. However, with Able Skills’ home study option it meant he could begin his training whilst continuing to work. This allowed him to fit his learning around his working life without travelling all the way to Dartford.

The Level 2 Plumbing home study worked perfectly for Alastair because his working shifts are for three weeks straight then he has three weeks off. This allowed him to come into our centre and complete his practical training when not working on the oil rigs.

Thanks to our accommodation at Able Skills for just £20 a night it meant Alastair could keep his costs down and spread out his payments throughout his training.

After about six months of working on the oil rig and completing his theory work in his own time, Alastair had completed all his practical work and achieved the Level 2 qualification.

Oil rigs were a thing of the past now for Alastair as he could start getting some work as a Plumber. He later booked his gas training at Able Skills, he chose the weekend training option to make it more flexible. A familiar face at Able Skills now, Alastair was enjoying his gas course and was extremely happy with all his tutors.

Alastair used to work on an Oil Rig, but no more as he has trained to become a Plumber at Able Skills. Alastair used to work on an Oil Rig, but no more as he has trained to become a Plumber at Able Skills.

Alastair has now completed his gas course and portfolio and is about to begin his ACS. This is what Alastair has had to stay about his training at Able Skills:

“I could not be more thankful to everyone at Able Skills, they have all helped me so much. From the point of booking to the training itself, I have been able to change my life. Instead of working on an oil rig, miles away from home, I am now working locally to home and can spend more time with my family. Thank you so much to Able Skills!”

A career change can be hard work, however, with our flexible learning options at Able Skills it is easier to retrain. Alastair done exactly that and has done very well to achieve his qualifications and start his new career.

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