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Olympics plumbing job awarded

Plumbing jobs could be on the increase in east London, with the announcement of the Olympic village plumbers contract being awarded.

Mears has been selected to fit out the 2012 Olympic village in Stratford, worth £9 million.

A total of 300 flats need to be fitted with plumbing systems.

According to the London Evening standard, chief executive of Mears Group Bob Holt has indicated that he believed work on further flats would eventually be awarded to his company.

The London Olympic Games have helped increase construction jobs in the capital, with the Stratford area benefiting from a huge regeneration project.

As well as the Olympic Park itself, there is also a new Westfield shopping centre being constructed.

Many of the houses due to be constructed at the site will be turned into social and affordable homes after the games, in a move that organisers hope will placate critics who claim that the land will end up as a white elephant.