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Operation Celtic Odyssey could inspire take-up of renewable energy courses

There may soon be more interest in renewable energy courses in Wales, as a major environmental assessment of the country's coastline is being carried out to review its potential for marine power.

Operation Celtic Odyssey started on May 6th and will run until May 20th 2011, with academics from Bangor, Swansea, Cardiff and Aberystwyth universities to see if St David's Peninsula is suitable for generating tidal energy.

If the scientists deem the area to be appropriate, there may be an increase in the number of engineers keen to take renewable energy courses.

Commenting on the initiative, Cardiff University's scientific officer Dr Chris Wooldridge said: "Debates are invariably passionate in nature whether they surround nuclear, conventional, wind or marine power. Celtic Odyssey is well placed to make a substantive, evidence-based contribution to the debate on tidal power."

Earlier this year, BBC News reported that plans for a