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Over-training means you can offer a wider range of services.

While the recession lasts and value is being placed on being able to provide value-for-money products and services, taking on a period of training to extend your skillset and update your knowledge base is a sensible move to make. We all know that the constant production of new technologies and knowing how to apply them means we have to keep up if we are to compete successfully and this is never more urgent at this point in time when looking ahead to taking advantage of the upturn when it starts to take real effect.

To this end, its also also worth considering the value of over- training, that is: taking on additional, complementary skills beyond those strictly necessary in order to give oneself the broadest platform from which to approach new customers or potential employers. In the world of construction skills training, there is a wide choice of available courses to help you advance your capability to provide a comprehensive trade service to include plumbing, electrical, and gas will mean the ability to take on more lucrative work.

At Ableskills, any thing is possible, from weekend tasters to 3 -5 day intensive training. You will need to check that your intended type of course will provide the degree of knowledge you need. There can be big differences between a 10 day course which gives you comprehensive learning of a range of subjects within a particular trade skill and an intensive highly focused course concentrating on one or two subjects. This is particularly important in areas of energy efficiency.

There are also different levels of courses, from teaching basic skills across a range of popular DIY projects to embraking on a series of City & Guild NVQ modules designed to take you right through level 2 and onto level 3 and beyond.