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Painter-decorator mulls future after Olympic weightlifting experience

One of the unassuming Olympians on Team GB who was not fortunate enough to go home with a medal is now mulling whether he will continue competitive weight lifting or return to his day job as a painter and decorator.

Gareth Evans, who trains in Holyhead in North Wales, may not have been close to pushing for a podium finish in the men’s 69-kilogram competition, but drew the admiration and support of the home crowd when he competed at the weightlifting events at the ExCel Arena.

He also set three personal bests over the course of the competition, as well as new national records, and said the experience of being an Olympian has made him set his sights on further competitions – not least of all the Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow in 2014.

The trained painter and decorator said he had set aside his brushes in order to commit himself to his Olympic training, but said that he will have to give some serious thought on what he is going to do next.

“I will cross [the Commonwealth Games] bridge when I come to it,” he said. “If it comes to picking up the paint brush again then so be it, but I do have a taste for it now.”