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Become a Decorator at Able Skills!

Painting & Decorating is the next trade to suffer due to the skills shortage in the UK. With plans for a million new homes to be built by 2020 being put into doubt due to this, the UK are calling out for new painters and decorators.

If you feel that the time is right to start a new career and let out your creative side then this is the best time to get trained as a Painter and Decorator because the trade is in such high demand for well trained and fully qualified workman/woman. The opportunity to get regular work as Decorator is better now than ever because of the serious shortage in skilled workers.

The south east are said to be 33,000 short of the Decorators that are required to carry out the work on offer which means progression in housing developments will slow down.

Able Skills offer specialist training in all areas of painting and decorating. Our longer courses will give you the qualifications and skills needed to be able to go out and work as a Decorator and help cut the skills shortage in this trade.

The plan to build a million new homes by 2020 is a huge ask and it has been made even harder by the current skills shortages in the different trades. At Able Skills we are training future tradesmen and women so they are work ready and can fill the gap left by the skills shortage. Each week we have students finishing courses and gaining qualifications that mean they can go out and work straight away.

Joao is ready to begin his career as a Decorator Joao is ready to begin his career as a Decorator

Our courses offer our students all the skills and hands on experience that will be required of them in the real world when they are working in the industry. Our City & Guilds 5 Week Painting & Decorating course is one of our more popular courses because it covers all areas of painting and decorating and give you the skills you will need, as well as giving you an industry recognised qualification.

Change your career today at Able Skills, this could be your best chance to make a change as the opportunities to work are higher than ever. Let your creative side come out and become a Painter and Decorator at Able Skills.

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