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Painting & Decorating C&G 6217 03 4 Week CoursesReview

Having been made redundant from a career in the IT recruitment industry I trained and started my own business as a Gardener.I have decided to take a second career option as work comes to a standstill over the winter period and I am generally out of work between November and February which is an expensive time of year.My hopes are that I become busy Painting and Decorating and gardening takes the back seat, simply maintaining my regular large clients.My only experience with Painting and Decorating is having painted my own house, nothing official. Two of my friends had recommended Able Skills to me. They had both completed the painting course in Dartford and are now both run off their feet with their own businesses which speaks volumes about the level of training offered.I wanted to learn how to hang wallpaper, fit coving, artex and better my finishing skills. I was lacking in confidence to go into someone's house and take on a job. I didn't feel I was good enough to sell my services or answer any questions.I have learnt a lot during my 4 weeks of training. The facility is excellent. My Tutor Mark is excellent and has a lot of patience. His explanations were very clear and easy to understand. The training is very flexible and the Instructor caters for your needs.?