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Part P courses

Part P coursesallow electricians to carry out electrical work legally without having to notify building control. They will be able to issue an Electrical Installation Certificate once the work is complete, which complies with building control requirements. An electrician who is Part P registered is much more likely to gain extra work, as householders are aware that by law electrical work must be carried out by a Part P contractor, and is more likely to work safely and efficiently.

Those who do not have very much knowledge of electrics can begin by studying an introductory course over a short period of around five days. This will provide them with a basic knowledge of the different types of domestic wiring circuits in use today, make them familiar with the installation of these circuits, and explain how to inspect and test them. Students will learn everything they will need to complete domestic electrical work once they are Part P registered.

Those who have completed the introductory course, or who have previously worked as an electrician, can do the EAL Domestic Installer Scheme for Part P qualification. The course involves nine units and, once completed, the tradesman will have qualified as a Domestic Electrical Installer with VRQ. They can then apply to be Part P registered.

Most governing bodies that can provide Part P registration also require candidates to complete 17th Edition courses, which provide them with a comprehensive knowledge of the IEE wiring regulations 17th Edition.