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People with electrical qualifications needed 'to help create cosy homes'

People with electrical qualifications could well be in demand in the coming months as many householders are trying to integrate modern technology into their homes to create a cosy feel.

This is according to George Clarke, a writer, architect and presenter on Build a New Life and Channel 4's The Home Show, who said that there is currently an attractive balance in interior design between high-tech open-plan living and comfort and cosiness.

His comments follow the publication of a report by the National Home Improvement Show, which revealed that more than half of homeowners make the effort to undertake DIY projects in order to make their properties more visually appealing or relaxing.

"There was either techno or traditional, [but] it's starting to blur now. People are wanting a more contemporary way of living, they don't want the old dusty formal dining room, they don't want those dingy spaces," stated Mr Clarke.

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