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Pig farmer breaks with tradition to retrain as electrician

A Norfolk pig farmer is breaking with his family’s heritage in the profession to retrain as an electrician, due to the attractive nature of the career.

Alan Robinson has opted to retrain for his new career at the age of 49, but neither his brother nor his son have any plans to join him – yet. Alan, who lives in Bury St Edmunds, said that he has been able to fit in his retraining around his current work and is very much looking forward to his new career route.

“It is going to be a big change of lifestyle,” he told the Bury Free Press. “I’m not necessarily doing it to make more money, but to make the same amount working less hours.”

Alan – whose father was also a pig farmer – said that he chose to retrain as an electrician as pig farming had its drawbacks and electrical work suited his skill set best.

He explained, “I do still enjoy pig farming but I wanted to do something different. As I get older I’m not coping so well with the bad weather.”

Alan is hoping to officially launch his own company - AR Electrical – later this month.