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Plans to build prisons to create construction jobs

Four new prisons are to be built across the UK by 2020 and it is to create around 2,000 new construction jobs.

The government has plans to build four new prisons across England and Wales and if these plans are given the go ahead it is said to create 2,000 construction jobs.

Prisons are set to be built in Yorkshire, Wigan, Kent and Port Talbot. The construction of these four new prisons will be a fantastic opportunity for new construction workers to get into work.

With the rise in construction work all over the UK, especially here in Kent, the need for workers is greater than ever before. Construction workers from all trades are needed to complete all types of work.

Here in Kent, housebuilding work is massive, a new Paramount studios is being built and now possibly a new prison. This has put the demand for new construction workers through the roof.

Plans to build more prisons is to create 2,000 new construction jobs. Plans to build more prisons is to create 2,000 new construction jobs.

Since housebuilding has been increased all over the UK, we have seen a rise in training for all construction trades. The skills shortage in the construction industry is real and some work is being delayed as some companies can’t find the skilled workers. This has allowed lots more people to train and change their careers.

Career changes to the construction industry have been on the up massively and we have seen students every week coming to us looking to change their career and train as a Bricklayer or even a Carpenter.

Our training has allowed many people to get training in a brand-new career and start working in the construction industry. Whether you want to train as a Tiler or even become a Decorator, we have the fantastic courses available.

Although we are based in Kent, we have students from all over the country and even the world coming to train at Able Skills and change their careers.

The new prisons being built is another fantastic opportunity for people to ditch the jobs they hate and join the construction industry. With lots of work out there, whether it is housebuilding, building a theme park in the heart of Kent or even building a prison, the work is available.

We are just one phone call away from making a start to a new career in the construction industry. If you are interested in any of our courses, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245 and we will be more than happy to help.