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Plastering Career Change for John!

John was having doubts over his career as an accountant as he just wasn’t enjoying it and wanted to start something new. He was struggling to find a new career path and was seeking advice on what he could do next.

After searching around and not really finding something that suited him, John decided that maybe a more hands on job would suit him better. This is when John started to look further into the construction industry. He then ran into another problem as he couldn’t decide which trade to go into, this is when he found Able Skills.

With eight different trades available for training here at Able Skills, John was spoilt for choice. He took full advantage of the short introduction courses we offer and completed some short courses in bricklaying, carpentry, and plastering. Just a day into his plastering course he knew that this was the one for him and straight away upgraded to the full City & Guilds Plastering Course.

John needed to search for the money to fund his new plastering career and the option to train at weekends was perfect for him. This allowed him to work during the week and train at weekends so he could afford the course comfortably.

John is ready to start his plastering career as a new self-employed construction worker. John is ready to start his plastering career as a new self-employed construction worker.

As John is now finishing his plastering course, he has decided that he will go self-employed as a Plasterer and work within his local area. He could not be more prepared for the next stage of his career, John has already set up his new business and got all his tools and a van. With the help of instructors, Jo and Spencer, he was able to make sure he bought all the right tools he needed.

He was full of praise for both of his instructors and all the office staff that helped him throughout his course, from booking and upgrading to the ‘first class’ training. John fantastically described his experience at Able Skills as ‘life changing’ and he is now looking forward to starting a new plastering career within the construction industry.

John is now considering completed more courses in the future at Able Skills, so he can offer more work.

If you are interested in one of our plastering courses here at Able Skills, then please contact us on 0808 100 3245 and we will be more than happy to help you with a life changing career change.