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Plastering is perfect day job for female footballer

Rachel Williams may have played a pivotal role in Team GB’s women’s football team during the London Olympic this year, but the 24-year-old has been quick to get back to her day job as a highly-regarded plastered and kitchen fitter.

On the pitch, Williams is a star player for Birmingham’s women’s team and an England international, but when she is not playing she is plying her trade in a job she loves.

“I love my job – every day it’s a different job and you meet new people, but it does have its bad aspects with all the dust and that probably isn’t good for my health,” she said. “It is hard, physical work, and I think people watch and they think it looks easy. But I tell you it's not, it’s physical.”

Williams said that while her job does play a part in keeping her fit and limber for her football, it can take a toll on other parts of her. She admitted, “I’ve got terrible hands. I just keep moisturising and I have to try and look after myself!”

Rachel said she has even managed to gain some professional benefits from her footballing. Her previous manager at Doncaster football club knew of her construction skills and hired her to do some extensive internal remodelling in his home!