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Plastering and Tiling Courses are the perfect match

When training at Able Skills you will see that we have a whole range of different courses available at our centre. The construction courses often see similar students in their centres. Especially on our plastering and tiling courses.

Tilers are often needing plastering skills to complete jobs and prepare surfaces. When working in bathrooms and kitchens plastering and tiling work is often needed. Going to a job and offering both services is a huge bonus for your work.

Our range of tiling courses and plastering courses is huge. We offer short courses and longer qualification courses for both trades. This allows students to get a qualification in one and maybe some basic skills in the other.

Without doubt our most popular tiling course is the NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course. This is an 8 week course that is purely practical based and is perfect for students looking to go out and work on-site as a Tiler. Our NVQ course also includes a week of plastering training. Week 7 of 8 is a week in our plastering centre.

Dario is currently on our NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course and this week he is in our plastering centre for the seventh week of his course. He is looking to up skill and get a qualification in a trade. Dario has been working as a labourer for a few years and is now looking to get a qualification. He is very happy with his course and is even happier to get some plastering skills. Along with this, Dario is also looking at getting some plumbing skills as well.

Tiling Courses Dario is completing plastering and tiling courses.

Plumbing is also another course that fits very well with tilers and plasterers. With bathroom fitting a big job, being able to complete the whole job alone is a bonus. We offer a bathroom fitting course here at Able Skills, it includes one week on each of plastering, tiling, and plumbing.

If you are interested in getting some tiling and plastering skills with our tiling courses and plastering courses, contact us on 0808 100 3245 today.