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Plastering training apprentices 'will do a better job than DIY'

Those wanting to renovate their houses should hire a plastering training apprentice or professional rather than carrying out the work themselves, one DIY expert has suggested.

Andrew Leech, director of representative body the National Home Improvement Council, said that people who hope to save money by carrying out DIY without guidance run the risk of sacrificing standards and violating regulations.

His comments follow the publication of a YouGov survey by Lloyds TSB insurance, which revealed that almost one in three British people who conducted major improvements to their houses in the past year did so without the help of skilled tradesmen.

"You will not get such a good job as inviting professional tradesmen in to do the work for you and also there are the safety issues as well," stated Mr Leech.

He advised homeowners doing anything more ambitious than decorating or repainting their home to seek advice from a trained professional.