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'Plenty of kitchen work' for plumbing training apprentices

Plumbing training apprentices may stand to benefit from the recent surge in "exciting" kitchens which one DIY expert has highlighted.

Julia Kendell, a television interior designer on BBC1's DIY SOS, said that householders are getting bored of years of "cream shaker" kitchens and are starting to invest more time and money in their cooking havens.

Meanwhile, a new survey from Halifax has revealed that the average homeowner spent £5,300 on home improvements over the past year.

"People are getting really excited about it and because they know they are going to be in a home for more than a few years, they're investing a bit more time and energy into getting it right," stated Ms Kendell.

This news comes after Lloyds TSB Insurance recently reported that of the 1,039,550 Brits who renovated their homes last year, 81 per cent failed to check whether their building equipment was of an adequate standard.