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Plumber reveals importance of training courses

Plumber training courses have the ability to turn workers into top-quality tradespersons, an American plumber has suggested.

Speaking to Illinois newspaper the Telegraph, Scott Smith revealed that his plumbing business, Inspector Plumber, saw a 17 per cent increase since its most recent expansion, when drain cleaners joined his team.

He is a big advocate of making sure his employees are trained and well-educated and stated that he believes this is why his firm is the "number one in residential service" in the local region.

"Our technicians are second to none," he said.

He added that they are "top educated and top trained in the field" and that applicants who are hoping to go and work for him are all "hand-picked and screened", highlighting the importance of training courses, additional skills and qualifications.

Inspector Plumber has had 20 years worth of experience and is a member of the United Association.

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