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Plumbers and Electricians shortage since Brexit

There has been a shortage of skilled tradesmen and women since the Brexit vote, including a shortage of Plumbers and Electricians.

Since the Brexit vote back in June this year, contractors have said there are a shortage of plumbers and electricians in the UK. It has been said that skilled tradesmen/women have become harder to come by since the vote in June.

With more than half of the trade industry made up of workers from the EU it has effected the building of houses in the UK. Shortages of skilled staff within the UK has been well recognised and since the Brexit vote Electricians and Plumbers are known to be in shortage.

This is damaging the prospects of all the housebuilding in the UK. Lots of trades are suffering from a lack of skilled staff meaning work isn’t being completed and it is slowing the process of meeting the housebuilding target in 2020.

Since the Brexit vite it has been said there has been a shortage of plumbers and electricians. Since the Brexit vite it has been said there has been a shortage of plumbers and electricians.

However, with more workers needed in the trade industry this has made an opportunity rise for the people looking to start a new career. With workers needed across all trades it means job opportunities. People looking to get out of the office job and into a trade need the right training and at Able Skills they can get exactly that.

Able Skills offer qualification training in eight different trades including electrical courses and plumbing courses. Our plumbing and electrical courses are probably our most popular options and lots of people over the last few years have made a career change and decided to retrain.

Hundreds of students each year at Able Skills make the decision to ditch their old career and start training in a trade and get some new skills. The skills shortage has allowed these students to retrain and get work within the industry they chose to enter.

If you are interested in joining the trade industry and starting a new career, then train at Able Skills in Dartford. You can contact us today on 01322 280202 for more information on our courses and how to become a plumber or electrician.