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Plumbing courses an option after GCSEs

Although many may be considering college now that their GCSE results are in, an expert is urging others to consider other options, such as plumbing training.

Charlie Mullins, managing director of Pimlico Plumbers, has asked people to consider the trade.

"Good university degrees are fine, but it's going to be increasingly difficult for many youngsters to get on good courses," he said.

"You can always do the academic stuff later. Often it's easier when you have a bit of real life experience under your belt."

Although apprenticeships are one option, taking a plumbing course or some plumbing training could be a great alternative to quickly learn the basics of the trade.

Mr Mullins said that the country was "crying out for property trained tradesmen".

Whether for the amateur or those looking to take more technical plumbing courses, there is something to suit all needs and experience levels.