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Introduction to Plumbing Courses

The short Plumbing Courses here at Able Skills are the perfect taster to decide whether to pursue a career as a Plumber.

plumbing courses Introduction to Plumbing courses available here at Able Skills.

Our five-day Introduction to Plumbing courses are the perfect way to learn all the basics of plumbing to help fix small areas that aren’t working as they should in your home. This is an extremely popular and intense course and lots of people are opting for this course to learn the basic skills to help them complete personal tasks in their own home.

We have a fantastic group of instructors at Able Skills and they have years’ worth of knowledge and experience within the industry. All our students learn so much and they are all full of praise for their teaching methods.

Quite a lot of students also take this five-day course to see if plumbing is the new career for them before they commit to a full Level 2 Plumbing course. We also offer the course over two weekends for people that have other commitments, such as work during the week but still want to complete the course.

Taking this course, before committing to a full Level 2 course, is a fantastic taster for what is to come. It gives a great insight into the industry. Many of our students take this course then decide it is the career for them and book the Level 2 course after their short plumbing courses.

When completing the Level 2 course, a lot of our students will soon complete their gas training. We offer gas training packages for students that are qualified plumbers. Our gas programmes are three weeks long for qualified plumbers and they can then move onto their portfolio placement with Boiler Medic.

If you are interested in getting some basic plumbing skills or starting a new career in plumbing then please contact Able Skills on 01322 280202 and we will be more than happy to help and give you the information you need. You can also come and visit us here in Dartford and we will show you around our centre, no appointment needed.