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Plumbing Courses - Plumbers named amongst the happiest!

plumbing coursesWhatever life we pursue we must ensure one thing - HAPPINESS! Making personal choices is what makes us different to the person standing next to us and the last thing we want to do is follow everyone else is an attempt to be happy. While on such topic, those who enrolled on Plumbing Courses will be pleased to know that Plumbers have been named amongst the happiest in life! A recent report by Pham News delivered such good news.

plumbing coursesThe survey taken revealed that the country's Plumbers are the happiest with 55% of participants stating so! The construction industry proves to be a happy solution to those in need of a new career as builders were next on the list with 38% of people agreeing so!

The positive survey was commissioned by Boundless who have been conducting such research for nearly a century. Proud to be offering such Plumbing Courses, you can imagine Able Skills are proud to assist in such statistic.

plumbing coursesThe secret to happiness seems to be one that's hard to find in today's day and age. Many of us may be happy in our private lives, but how many of us can say we are just as happy inside working hours as much as we are outside?

The Director of Boundless, Ian Holmes-Lewis, said, Plumbers are clearly happy people! Perhaps being their own boss plays a part in that, especially as builders and property developers were high on the list as well.

plumbing courses“But it was also interesting to see plumbers ranked highly in our survey for quality of sleep and physical activity. On top of that, 64% said they often tried new experiences, which placed them second in that particular table.

“It goes to show that it is not only experiences in the workplace which determine how happy people are in work. Making the most of life outside of work can have a big impact, too.”

According to the report, further stats prevailed more good news for the construction industry as property developers and electricians were amongst the happiest at work too!

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