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Plumbing Industry Faces Lack Of Skilled Workers

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Demand for a particular industry is one thing, but making sure our country can meet the demand is another. Today's topic of discussion is the Plumbing Sector as we delve into the challenges and opportunities that surround the industry.

A recent survey was carried out to better understand the opinions of existing Plumbers and we find out some pretty interesting facts and figures giving us some pretty big implications!

The survey consisted of just under 400 plumbing professionals and what better way to get a real insight into the trade from none other than the tradesmen keeping it running?

What Were The Results?

Can you believe more than half of those who participated in the survey said that there is a clear lack of skilled labour in the Plumbing Industry? When considering the fact that an NVQ Level 2 is generally what employers like their workforce to have, are you surprised? Yes you reading this may have an NVQ in Plumbing, but what about other tradesmen you know? Perhaps they've undergone Plumbing Courses like the Level 2 and are working towards their NVQ?

The fact still remains that the lack of skills is the biggest threat the Plumbing Industry faces. If we don't continue to train Plumbers to an NVQ standard, then what...

Very Positive

It's good to know that there is obviously a lot of Plumbing work available and with 42% of Plumbers saying that the next 12 months will be even stronger in terms of job opportunities, the time for training is now! Research implies this is strongly influenced by the shear amount of residential property development going on.

A clear abundance of work will certainly influence the direction of a young Plumber. Another thing to consider is the job satisfaction. The same survey as above also found that 79% of existing Plumbers would recommend Plumbing as a future career.

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The findings also told us that social media plays a huge part in the world of Plumbing. Experienced Plumbers, particularly those who work for themselves show off their skills by posting pictures of their latest work on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. This acts as a second platform to Plumbers who are undergoing Plumbing Courses and see exactly the type of work they can expect to do in the future

Here's what Able Skills Instructor Harry had to say on the topic

"One thing Able Skills set out to do was to shorten and eventually eliminate the skills gap. The construction industry is booming and it's not only Plumbers with an excess of work. Guys looking to become Electricians, Gas Engineers or get qualified in another trade all have the potential to build the country's economy and earn a good living at the same time"

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