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Plumbing Made Easy With Push Fit - Know Your Pipe From Your Elbow!

Sometimes the thought of starting a new career can appear very daunting indeed! There's always much to learn - and in the construction trade industry - practical skills to master too! Many trades have been transformed by new materials and technologies, making the work now involved much more simpler, streamlined and thus, you can accomplish much more in the working day - a very lucrative prospect!Even traditional areas like plumbing have been changed by both handling of new types of materials and appliances, and of course, the development of green energy applications in water heating.Even a core plumbing activity of fitting pipes has been made easier, quicker and cleaner over many years by the introduction of plastic and push fit fittings. For some who are seriously thinking of training to be a plumber, they might be interested to hear that some of the tried and tested methods of joining copper pipe using traditional solder or compression type copper plumbing fittings have been replaced by new methods providing ease and speed of installation - and do not require any tools at all!A student embarking on the entry level 2 NVQ Plumbing 6129 course will learn to work with many methods and materials now being used, especially with basic requirements of standard domestic tasks.Standard plastic and copper fittings, such as an 'elbow', 'equal tee' and 'pipe insert' can be used on both hot and cold water services and central heating systems. Both pipe fitting systems are based on the same principle of cutting, cleaning, and inserting to ensure that the cut pipe has not been distorted and a true, secure and watertight connection is made. The plastic pipe inserts also have an "O" ring to provide guaranteed leak proof fitting and sealing security.The good news for plumbers is the improvement in installation time because the flexibility of a plastic pipe reduces the number of joints required, connections in confined spaces are made simpler without the need for tools and plastic pipes can be connected to an existing copper pipe network without risk of fire or flames from a blowtorch!So for all those who thought learning to master the practical skills of plumbing could be time-consuming, will be pleased to hear that course progress to qualification is quicker than you imagined. In fact, a flexible approach means, at AbleSkills a plumbing student can learn the theory part at home in their own time before starting the practical lessons, making the entire training process much easier and convenient when course times, duration and availability need to be considered.