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Plumbing training apprentices 'need to be aware of the environment'

Those embarking on plumbing training courses could do well to pay some thought to the environment, an industry figure has advised.

One construction expert has claimed that people are becoming increasingly concerned with running costs and eco-friendly home improvement options.

Michael Holmes, who co-presents Channel Five's I Own Britain's Best Home, said that people have recently shown more interest in using ground source heat pumps, which extract heat from the ground outside for underfloor heating or warming water for radiators.

His comments follow the publication of a YouGov poll commissioned by Lloyds TSB Insurance, which revealed that more than a million homeowners undertook "serious structural work" on their house in the last year without professional expertise.

"[Heat pumps are] more energy efficient than using a boiler," stated Mr Holmes.

This news comes after the UK Green Building Council recently proposed that the government's pay as you save scheme be implemented via low-interest loans for homeowners to make energy-saving modifications to their properties.