Plumbing training apprentices could be among those currently working on improvements to Liverpool's water network.

Engineers labouring on behalf of FTSE 100 company United Utilities have begun to replace the old cast-iron water pipes along Park Road with modern plastic alternatives.

Project engineer John Maher said that the work is designed to improve the quality of the city's water supply and reduce the risk of leakage.

"This is one of the many schemes our customers' bills help to fund and it will be well worth it when it is finished," he stated.

Due to take place along the outbound carriageway from High Park Street through to the junction of Dingle Lane with Ullet Road, the first phase of the work is due to be completed during late October.

A second phase will then follow, which will see work taking place in the inbound carriageway from the junction with Dingle Lane to Park Hill Road, which is due to be completed in November.