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Plumbing Training For The Right Connection!

We all read those plumbing 'disaster' stories reported in the press from time to time! It's been commented before on this blog, of the numerous and widespread, incorrect and unsafe practices that continually come to light. Despite every effort by Government, official trade bodies and established, approved training centres like AbleSkills, 'bodged' work continues to plague the industry.Recently, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) gave its official backing to the Connect Right campaign, launched to raise awareness of the heath and environment problems caused by misconnection to the public drainage system.Malpractice such as the above is, of course in breach of every water regulation and health and safety regulation in existence! It should never, ever happen! Correct and safe water supply connection is a key part of training to be a plumber on an approved NVQ course at an accredited training centre.Plumbing students who begin their training on the City & Guilds Plumbing 6129 Level 2 course are first introduced to the issues of 'back siphonage', 'back pressure waterflow' and 'cross connection', all dangerous and potentially injurious issues. A fully trained and qualified plumber should never make a serious mistake of misconnecting supply.The Connect Right campaign was launched by water and sewerage companies and the Environment Agency to emphasise the importance of always engaging registered plumbing professionals to carry out competent and safe connections to the appropriate water drains.According to the CIPHE, research had revealed that, ' hundreds of thousands of homes are misconnected, putting households at serious heath risks and threatening the environment'.The CIPHE holds the register of registered plumbing professionals on behalf of the industry, and to join the register, plumbers must be qualified to national standards for plumbing and water fitting installations.