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Policeman trains as a Plumber!

Stewart has been a regular student at Able Skills over the last six months and he has done extremely well, as he plans for a new career after deciding to change from being a policeman.


Over the past six months, Stewart has completed all his plumbing training on level 2 and level 3 training courses. He has done extremely well to turn his career around and start fresh with a brand new career as a Plumber.

However, Stewart didn’t plan to stop there. He clearly enjoyed Able Skills so much that he just had to come back and do some more courses, this time he completed some short courses in the construction trades to give himself more skills to offer in his new career.

In the past few weeks, Stewart has completed one week courses in bricklaying, plastering, decorating and tiling. Each one he has excelled at and has picked up some more skills that will no doubt progress his career further.

plumbing Stewart used to be a policeman but has now turned to the construction industry.

After 15 years as a Policeman, Stewart decided that he wanted to pursue a career in another field. This was originally just plumbing, however, he saw the opportunity to get skills in many different trades and he took it. He has now got the skills and qualifications to be quite a handy man.

He has gone through a lot of ideas for where to go next and he plans to have his own handy man business. Of course, his main area of work will be targeted for plumbing, as that is now his strongest field. The former policeman will be able to target many areas in the construction industry and offer his services to lots of clients to complete a various range of jobs.

Just before the end of his final course, Stewart was considering coming back to complete a carpentry course and maybe even start his gas training in a few months.

We would like to wish Stewart the best of luck for the future and hope he does extremely well with his new business. Also we will look forward to him coming back and receiving more training in the near future.

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