There is a growing concern about the increase of unsafe gas work being carried out across the UK by newly qualified gas engineer.

Research carried out by the Gas Industry Safety Group (GISG) and the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) has shown an alarming number of poor training provided to gas engineer students across the UK.

This becoming known has been extremely alarming because it can potentially lead to unsafe gas work being carried out in people’s homes across the UK.

The reasoning for this research to be carried out was due to the increase of unsafe gas work being carried out by recently qualified gas engineers with numbers rising to 5% from 1%. The evidence of this research shows that some training centres are focusing on passing assessments. Rather than making sure their gas engineer students get the right training and testing the student’s job competency.

With the research involving interviews with recently qualified engineers, including questions on various courses, it has shown that some courses are too short. Training that is too short is dangerous for students with no prior experience because they will struggle to get all the right training.

Also, concerns were raised as it seemed some training centres have been continuing to train students until they pass their assessments. Not considering the student’s ability to carry out work safely.

Due to our highly-rated reviews for our gas courses we believe we are offering our training to an excellent standard. We put safety first and make sure our training is covering all areas. Students that come to Able Skills are not rushed through their training and portfolio, they are trained the right way and carry out the right work to be able to complete safe gas work.

We have recently revamped our gas courses here at Able Skills to include more training and to give our students more employability. Here at Able Skills we are always looking to see how we can enhance our courses and we feel that our revamped gas programmes will give our students even better preparations for working environments. We have also decided to look for a high-quality company to work with to send our students for their portfolios placements.

We have teamed up with Boiler Medic, who will now be taking our students to help them complete their portfolios. The owner of Boiler Medic is a former student at Able Skills and he has built up a dedicated office area for our students to complete their portfolios after the work is done. Boiler Medic is extremely busy with work across the area and they are even offering a possible interview for some of our students are they have completed the process.

If you would like to train the right way and become a Gas Engineer, please contact us on 0808 100 3245 today.

Train as a Gas Engineer the right way with us at Able Skills!

Train as a Gas Engineer the right way with us at Able Skills!